soul restoration is a heart-penetrating course. this soulful curriculum & the processes found in it, one by one give each individual the tools to get unstuck, back on track & restored to their best selves. a deeply meaningful and effective method of soul work, it is also fun, enjoyable, entertaining, thought-provoking & extremely relatable for everyone from every walk of life... after all, we are all souls. 

Camp Haven

for girls of all ages!

remember back to your favorite childhood memory or age... where you weren't held back. where you were free & innocent. let's get back to that.

Camp freedom

for guys of all ages!

men carry burdens that they rarely talk about. they carry wounds they feel they aren't allowed to talk about. they struggle to navigate through this world and learn how to have a place. camp freedom is for any man who is ready to look at his life and tell himself the truth about how important his life is, how unlimited his potential is, and how important it is for him to take responsibility for his life so that he can be the best he can be.


we will host 5 day, 4 night all inclusive retreats in Brenham & Round Top, Texas.

includes lodging, amazing meals, the best snacks, all the art supplies & lots of surprises & swag. pricing does not include airfare.

we will work through the soul restoration course by melody ross of brave girls club & you will be able to take home the right tools to apply what you learn to your daily life!

we will also take an excursion into Round Top to eat & play

to snag a spot or see what camps we have planned, check out Upcoming Camps

not ready for the camp experience or can't travel down to Texas? there's an online class option!