we believe that everyone needs soul restoration. everyone has a story. a purpose. we have believed the lies, lived in the guilt, shame and blame too long. it's time to shed the light on the truth and restore to your original self.

what is soul restoration?

imagine you're a piece of furniture that, when the creator created it, was exactly what it was meant to be. perfect in its own right.
as it gets passed on from generation to generation, person to person, they start manipulating it to what they like. different paints, change the knobs, dull or shiny.
when we close for restoration, we acquire the tools to strip away the layers & restore to our beautiful self.
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"Our beloved daughter-in-love wasn't able to see the truth of who she is: tenderhearted, brilliant, capable, creative, lovable, beautiful inside and out. We gifted her with Brave Girl Camp, where she had the opportunity to confront the ugly lies she had been told about herself, let them go, and begin to see the truth of who she really is. She came home with a new sense of comfort in her own skin, a new confidence, and a new awareness of her loveability. And (this is so important) adesire to keep growing emotionally and spiritually. Thank you, Tara, for being a brave girl and making this incredible experience possible for our DIL." 


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